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Memories of Youthful Fun

From August 2, 2012

Today’s blog is going to be a bit different in nature than previous ones. What I want to do is encourage everyone to revisit some positive childhood memories. Sometimes, as parents, with our best intentions – to guide, impart wisdom, raise healthy, happy children - we spend so much time directing our children, that we forget to watch the beauty of their play, their sleep, their enjoyment of the silly moments in life. So today will be a celebration of the silly, happy, fun moments of childhood…
I will share mine. Please post – to this blog – yours as well. Our goal is to smile, and to take the time to notice the small pleasures in our lives.
I can picture vividly kneeling on the floor with my sister, Susan, as we shoot marbles across the floor, aiming at targets we have set on the other side of the room. As we grew older, we put together the massive yellow tracks as we laid them out, from high to low, using chairs, tables, pillows, and boxes, and sent our matchbox cars racing and doing loop-de-loops.
On those rainy days, with boredom upon us, we gathered sheets, blankets, books, pillows, and other odds and ends. Between the two beds, we built a fascinating tent. Once constructed, we brought toys, flashlights, and cards into our tent and spent the afternoon laughing and playing in our creation. I remember how hot our tent got – it didn’t matter – it was our afternoon hideaway! I notice too, that I write about my tents often in blogs. It definitely has positive memories for me!

My best friend, Gail, and I always had a project we were working on. Sand art and shrinky dinks were our favorites. I can only imagine how many necklaces we gifted to our moms, and how many bottles, filled with sand, that adorned our shelves. As we created our projects, we talked about friends, our families, and life. Often, our work was interrupted with outbursts of laughter!

And the pig races cannot go unmentioned. You heard me sister and I used to ride these big stuffed animals down our staircase. Wood floors, not safe...thankfully we never got hurt. I can't imagine how we got away with this one. Ah, the memories. 

Do you recall the silly times? The fun moments you had with siblings, friends, or even on your own? Share, and let the warmth of the memories fill your heart!

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Daniel Blizzard on Friday, August 10, 2018 1:26 AM
This is inspiring!
Reply to comment on Friday, August 10, 2018 1:32 AM
Oh how fun it is to revisit one's childhood. Unfortunately, I lost my childhood memories due to a car crash when I was in high school. It was definitely saddening and discouraging. Now, I gather all the memories from my parents and friends. But of course, it is different. Having the memory in your own mind is different from your parents or friends' perspective. How lucky you are to revisit yours. I hope all those memories bring joy to you and will be passed to your grandchildren. More power!
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