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Counseling Services to Heal the Heart & Educate the Mind

"My goal is to help you develop new coping strategies, renewed self-esteem, 

and increase the level of enjoyment in your life."

Individual & Couples Therapy

I have set a goal to listen to your concerns and provide you with strategies and techniques to reduce stress, teach new coping skills, and assist you in resolving struggles to live your best life. I will attend to your needs with care and support and strive to make the counseling process comfortable while maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality. Individuals learn how to be more present and engage in life to its fullest. Couples develop better communication strategies, find renewed love and enjoy 'dating' again! Make sure to ask me what the five minute a day tip for a better relationship is!

Services Available to Individuals & Couples

Depression & Anxiety

Stress Management

Communication & Intimacy Issues

Work Related Problems

Grief & Loss



Chronic Illness

Family Therapy

I work with families of children from age eleven through adolescence, as well as blended and multigenerational families. I collaborate as needed with teachers and other professionals to help each individual in your family develop to his or her fullest potential. My goal in work with young families is to assist children in achieving and maintaining a strong self-esteem, learn strategies to manage disappointments and frustrations, and achieve success in both academic and social settings. When working with multigenerational families, I address issues related to illness, aging, changing family dynamics, grief and loss.

Services Available to Families

Depression & Anxiety

Child - Parent - School Concerns

Discipline or Behavioral Problems

Social - Emotional Delays


Autism/Social Communication Disorder

Sleep Disorders

Aging, Grief & Loss


What clients are saying

Debbie has worked with my son for six years. During that time she has helped him to cope with the many different aspects and challenges of Asperger's Syndrome. She has been an enormous support working with his school and the services he receives as well as combining efforts with his other doctors. Debbie is extremely knowledgeable about Asperger's Syndrome and is able to connect with kids at many levels as they mature. My son would not have experienced the success he has without Debbie.































Debbie Gross, LCSW, Ltd.






























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