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One Therapist's Reflections

Internet and Cell Phone Safety

The Latest on Technology...

From July 11, 2012

Three years ago, I blogged about technology, and while so much of it still rings true, I realize that each year, younger children are accessing technologies, and we need to attend to what this means for your youth.
I will digress with a bit of history. When my twins were turning thirteen, we were purchasing their first cell phone. There was no camera, no internet and no texting. It was a phone. The intended purpose for them to have a cell phone was for those moments when they were out and about; they had an easy way to reach us.

Am I in Control of My Technology, or is My Technology Controlling Me?

From August 4, 2009

I saw an interesting sign at the local service station, which uses it’s signboard to motivate travelers who pass by. The quote, by Joe Bob Briggs, said, “Apparently we love our own cell phones but we hate everyone else’s.”

We are annoyed when someone we are with spends “our” afternoon together texting others. We are bothered by the person standing in line at the bank carrying on a phone conversation as if she was the only person in the room. We watch the car in front of us swerve back and forth, only to pass him as he chats on his cell phone.

Parenting Tips for Children's Internet and Cell Phone Safety

June 1, 2009

One of the most talked about issues both in and out of my counseling 
practice has to do with technology and our children. Parents, wanting 
to make sure that their children are "up to speed" with the latest and 
greatest technology, are providing access to cell phones and the internet 
at alarmingly young ages. Children as young as six feel it is their "right" 
to these privileges! Parents ask all the time how to supervise the internet, 
how to enforce basic rules around cell phone use, and whether or not 
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