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Client Testimonials

I am so fortunate to work with clients who are passionate, hard-working, and  dedicated to reach their best potential. Here are some of their notes on the counseling  process and our work together.

"Debbie has worked with my son for six years. During that time she has helped him to cope with the many different aspects and challenges of Asperger's Syndrome. She has been an enormous support working with his school and the services he receives as well as combining efforts with his other doctors. Debbie is extremely knowledgeable about Asperger's Syndrome and is able to connect with kids at many levels as they mature. My son would not have experienced the success he has without Debbie.​"


"It has been a true privilege and pleasure to know and work with Mrs. Debbie Gross as our son's social worker. Mrs. Gross has made such a difference in our family's life during the last three years. It is also a great comfort to know that this lady is always on our side, making sure that he will succeed in every aspect of his teenage life.

We are consistently impressed by her attitude and commitment to her profession and a unique way to connect with anybody. Our son is always looking forward to his meetings; he was never reluctant to discuss any topic or concern. We know that his best interest is at Debbie's heart. Mrs. Gross is always available to talk to all of us between the scheduled sessions and has been continuously encouraging us to do so. Mrs. Gross shares with us her enormous knowledge and experience. Her enthusiasm, energy and good spirit are just exceptional.

We are very grateful that we got to meet and work with Debbie and to use an old cliche, - she is truly one in a million!"

The W Family

"I am and will be forever grateful for the help you have provided for our family. I am especially thankful for your assistance with my youngest son; I feel that your intervention and counseling saved his life, very literally. You were there for support before and after his hospitalizations, with guidance and empathy. While it has been a long road, today he is happy and engaged in life again. You also helped my older son who had struggles with depression and anxiety later in his high school years. And of course, you helped me (mom) with a more understanding window into their mental health world. You are wise, with experience and insights that truly help.​"


" Debbie Gross has worked with my family for close to 10 years. When my husband and I first started therapy, I wasn't sure we'd be able to stay married. With wisdom, humor, candor, and patience, Debbie helped us (and continues to help us) to listen with empathy, understand each other's perspectives, and appreciate the unique differences we bring to situations.

Debbie also coached us as we navigated mental health situations with our children, two of whom required hospitalizations and residential treatment. She helped us find clinicians, programs, and other resources, while offering clarity and support as we struggled with our girls' relentless issues.

Debbie helped us to "find the love" in countless difficult relationships including our own parents, siblings, and in-laws, as well as friends and colleagues. When we first started working with Debbie, we were miserable and every day somehow felt harder than the one before. There aren't words to express the gratitude I feel for the progress she's helped our family to make, and for the happiness we find with each other. "


"Debbie is very laid back, and makes me feel comfortable."

JD, age 12

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