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I look forward to hearing from you and exploring how I can assist you in finding the path to your best life ahead! Please fill out the form below and you can expect a response within 24 hours to answer any questions or set up an appointment. 

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What clients are saying

Debbie Gross has worked with my family for close to 10 years. When my husband and I first started therapy, I wasn't sure we'd be able to stay married. With wisdom, humor, candor, and patience, Debbie helped us (and continues to help us) to listen with empathy, understand each other's perspectives, and appreciate the unique differences we bring to situations.

Debbie also coached us as we navigated mental health situations with our children, two of whom required hospitalizations and residential treatment. She helped us find clinicians, programs, and other resources, while offering clarity and support as we struggled with our girls' relentless issues.

Debbie helped us to "find the love" in countless difficult relationships including our own parents, siblings, and in-laws, as well as friends and colleagues. When we first started working with Debbie, we were miserable and every day somehow felt harder than the one before. There aren't words to express the gratitude I feel for the progress she's helped our family to make, and for the happiness we find with each other.


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